Blue Parrott Trouble Shooting tips for Android Users

Why is my Blue Parrott Headset not working with my Android phone?

Here is instructions to clearing the bluetooth cache on your Android device.



The link below is one that we can send to customers that have Android phones.  You can use this info for your customer support effort

It turns out that quite often the Android system itself is at the root cause of several Bluetooth problems experienced by users of Blueparrott products.  The problem also effects other bluetooth devices too.

Additionally, BlueParrott users should upgrade to the latest of firmware version 1.32 on B550-XT.  This release fixes many of the issues that users are experiencing on the B550-XT.
And users should also upgrade firmware on C300-XT to 1.17.  This release give an slight increase to the audio volume which was a complaint by several users of this headset.  

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