Comdial - Vertical Edge 120 Business phone - Compatible Wireless and Corded headsets - Plantronics or Jabra

Which headsets are compatible with my Comdial Edge 120 phone?


Lets tackle the compatibility for Comdial® - Vertical™ EDGE 120 phones into two segments: Wireless and Corded headsets.  You must first determine which of these two types of headsets you wish to use.  Then you can get the required accessories depending if using Wireless or Corded headsets.  


Wireless headsets from Plantronics and Jabra are designed to be compatible with virtually any Comdial - Vertical phone including EDGE series phones. The key lies in having the correct accessories to connect and properly use a wireless with the Edge 120 phone. Wireless headsets come with a base station that interfaces with the telephone and your handset. This allows you to use the both wireless headset or the handset as needed.  See notes below for additional details regarding additional accessories for the EDGE 120 Comdial - Vertical phones.  


1) If you want to roam around the office with your headset you will need the "remote lifter" accessory. This accessories allows you to pickup/hangup directly from the headset. If you do not purchase the "remote lifter" the wireless headset will still work but you will need to manually pickup calls at the telephone prior to using the headset. If using a Jabra Wireless Headset you'll need  GN1000 and for Plantronics Wireless Headsets you will need the HL-10. The video below provides an illustration of how a "lifter" is used with a telephone.

2) If you do not wish to purchase the Remote Lifter you will need to manually answer all calls from the phone first. When using a wireless headset (Plantronics or Jabra) in this manner you will need a special connector cable.  If using a Plantronics headset use this connector cable and when using a Jabra Wireless headset use this one.  The cable allows you to plug the Base Unit into the 2.5mm headset jack on the phone.  This cable is required when you do NOT purchase the Remote Lifter.


Corded headsets have a different set of principles versus wireless headsets.  You can use both Plantronics Corded and Jabra Corded headsets with your EDGE 120 phone.  The correct accessories make the world of difference when using Corded Headsets.  The most common method recommend by both manufacturers is to use a corded headset with a Headset Adapter.  You will need the correct Headset Adapter and Connector Cable for a corded headset to work with the EDGE 120 phone.


1) Depending on which headset you are using (for Plantronics headsets use M22 or Jabra use GN8210 headset adapter). When using the Headset Adapter you will need an additional special cable connector.  If using a Plantronics Corded headset use this connector cable and when using a Jabra Corded headset use this one. This cable allows you to plug the Headset Adapter into the 2.5mm headset jack on the phone.

2) To activate the headset you will need to press correct headset button on the phone.

If you have questions about your phone's compatibility and which accessory is required for your phone feel free to start a chat session or call us 703-766-6363.  Global Teck Worldwide provides a ProSetup Service that walks you through the complete installation of any headset on our website. All items mentioned in this article are available online for purchasing.



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