Which wireless headset is compatible with my CISCO SPA 512, 514, 525G2 (Plantronics, Jabra)?

Which wireless headset is compatible with my CISCO SPA 512, 514, 525G2 (Plantronics, Jabra)?

The Cisco SPA phones (512, 514, 525G2 IP) can work with multiple Plantronics and Jabra wireless headsets. Wireless headsets are designed to be compatible with all Cisco phones.  The trick is to know which accessories are required for your specific model. For example, wireless headsets come with a base station that interfaces with the telephone and your handset. This allows you to use the wireless headset or the handset as needed. Additionally, in order to answer calls directly with the headset you'll need the "lifter" or EHS cable to answer/disconnect calls.  Without the "lifter" or EHS cable you will need to manually answer all calls at the phone first before using the wireless headset.  Both of these accessories allow you take calls conveniently and easily.  

The Cisco SPA phones (512, 514, 525G2 IP) have a feature for Electronic Hookswitch (EHS).  This allows for more seamless remote answering using an electronic signal versus the mechanical "lifter".  For additional details see the notes below.  You'll also find several recommended wireless headsets that are popular, easy to use and compatible with the Cisco SPA phones (512, 514, 525G2) below.


  1. Electronic Hookswitch Cables (EHS): Jabra does not produce an EHS cable for these Cisco SPA phones. Plantronics EHS cable is the APC-45
  2. Mechanical Handset Lifters:  Jabra Lifter is the GN1000 and Plantronics has two types of Lifters; A) HL-10 for SAVI and CS500 series wireless headset and HL-10 (#01-0369) including CS55, CS50, CS70, CS300 series headsets.

Poplular wireless headsets for Cisco SPA phones:

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Plantronics Legend CS Plantronics CS540 Jabra Motion Office Jabra 920 PRO
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