Compatible Corded Headsets for Bang and Olufsen BeoCom 3 phone

Which corded headset is compatible with my Bang and Olufsen BeoCom 3 phone?

beocom3 phone

Important Update: Aug. 18, 2014

Jabra and Plantronics accessories that connect headsets to this phone such as the 3.5mm adapters will no longer work with the BeoCom3 phone.  After extensive testing and research by our technical staff we have found that the Headset port's configuration on the BeoCom3 is not a standard configuration supported by Jabra or Plantronics.  At this point the only option left for users is to upgrade to a newer phone that supports standard headset configurations for 3.5mm usage or a B&O model that will allow the Handset cable to be disconnected.


July 1, 2014-

The BeoCom3™ phone comes in 2 versions.  One version was designed for the US market without a headset jack.  The other version shipped to other countries and did come with a headset jack.  If you have the Beocom3 that has a headset jack then you are in luck because you can use a headset.  The trick is to know which headsets and cable connector will properly work on this phone.  Based on our research we have found that this phone requires a "4 contact" 3.5mm connection.  This means that the headset or cableconnector connected to headset jack on this phone should have 3 black rings. 

GN Netcom™ (GN/Jabra) manufacturers several headsets that come with a Quick Disconnect so that you can easily untether from the phone while leaving the cable connector plugged into the BeoCom 3.  The Quick Disconnect is a proprietary connection and can only work with GN business grade headsets.  

Popular Compatible headsets for Beocom3 phones:

 bang olufsen beocom3 compatible headset jabra 2320 bang olufesen becom3 compatible headset jabra 2110-st bang olufsen compatible headset jabra 3-in-1 Headset cable connector for Beocom3
Jabra BIZ 2320  Jabra 2110-ST  Jabra 2119-ST 3-in-1 Jabra 3.5mm QD Cable

If you have questions about your Bang and Olufsen phone compatibility and which accessory is required for your phone feel free to start a chat session or call us 703-766-6363. Global Teck Worldwide provides also ProSetup Service that walks you through the complete installation or troubleshoot of any headset on our website. All items mentioned in this article are available online for purchasing.

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