How to pair mitel bluetooth module with a cordless bluetooth headset

How can I pair my bluetooth headset with a Mitel phone?

In this example we provide instructions how to pair a Jabra GO 6470 with the Mitel IP phone.  Although these headset instructions below have the Jabra 6470 Bluetooth Headset you can use the steps to pair with the Mitel Bluetooth Module with other Bluetooth Headsets that support A2DP

List of other Bluetooth Headsets

Required items:

  • Mitel IP Phone 5330, 5340, or 5360
  • Mitel Bluetooth Module
  • Bluetooth Headset (GO 6470)

Mitel 5320e/5330e/5340e IP Phones

To pair the Jabra GO 6470 device:

  1. On the Base Unit's display click on the Yellow wrench
  2. Select Phone settings > Mobile Settings > Setup Mobile phone
  3. Tap confirm on the display screen to start the Mobile connection wizard and follow instructions
  4. Now you must activate the pair mode on the Mitel phone

To pair the Mitel Bluetooth Module:

  1. Press and hold down the pairing button on the back of the cordless module for 5 seconds.
  2. The LED on the cordless module blinks. The Cordless Devices application opens on the Mitel IP phone and prompts you to press the pairing button on the cordless device.
  3. The LED on the cordless device blinks. After a moment, the Cordless Devices application on the Mitel IP phone displays information for the device to be paired.
  4. Press Yes to confirm pairing. The Cordless Devices application confirms the pairing by displaying the paired device name and its battery level indicator and the number of devices paired.
  5. Press Close to exit.

If you have questions about your phone's compatibility and which accessory is required for your phone feel free to start a chat session or call us 703-766-6363. Global Teck Worldwide provides a ProSetup Service that walks you through the complete installation of any headset on our website for a $35 fee. All items mentioned in this article are available online for purchasing.


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