Problems with Bluetooth range and how to fix it

How can I fix problems with my bluetooth device not working properly with my PC.

Why so many problems with my Bluetooth device?

Do you have a Bluetooth device that's not working properly? If so, don't worry - you're not alone. Many people experience problems with their Bluetooth devices from time to time. In this article, we'll discuss some of the most common Bluetooth problems and how to fix them. We'll also cover some tips for avoiding these issues in the future. So if you're having trouble with your Bluetooth device, read on for help!


 We recently noticed that the USB hub attached to my PC was causing all sorts of issues with my wireless bluetooth keyboard, mouse and bluetooth headphones. Turns out that USB ports on PC's with USB 3.0 can encounter an interference problem that will cause the bluetooth signal on your bluetooth device to act weird, disconnect, sync and distort your audio. πŸ˜•

Here's the crazy part. Even a 2 ft away from the PC you can get interference that will cause your Bluetooth device to act up. And at 8ft distance from your PC your Bluetooth mouse will be "unresponsive" if your PC's USB port is "unshielded". So if you thought you could get 30ft or more of distance on your Bluetooth device guess again...especially if your PC had "unshielded" buggy USB ports.


If you want to nerd out and sound like genius during your next event with friends then check out the research done by the Intel Corp (think chipset manufacturer) they published a very extensive white paper on bluetooth problems:


So if you use a USB Hub to connect your Bluetooth dongle adapter be aware of this bug! You two choices stop using the USB Hub and plug your dongle directly into the computer's USB or use the Blue Beacon Range Extender mentioned to help reduce interference from a buggy USB Port.

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Video Transcript:

Hello, and welcome to another session of Answer The Community where I answer your questions regarding headsets headphones, Bluetooth devices, speaker phones, and other office technology. And today we're going to answer questions regarding Bluetooth and connectivity problems. If you have used a Bluetooth device, whether it's a headset, a speaker phone, a keyboard, even you have inevitably had issues with the connection.

And what I mean is that device that you're using, will lose a connection. It may not get the advertised range. Or simply you're close enough to your mobile phone or your computer and it's not syncing up.

So the first thing you got to ask yourself is why does that happen? Why so many problems with range? So let's address Bluetooth. And what it is. And then we'll address why there's so many people having problems with connectivity. Bluetooth is a signal designed to connect multiple devices. And that signal is not a very strong signal compared to the signal coming from the tower that's providing signal to your mobile phone.

Those signals are much stronger. They're broadcast at a higher power. And with Bluetooth, the opposite is true. It broadcast at a very low power in order to conserve the battery of your mobile device. If you're using with a mobile device and also to conserve the battery power on the Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth headphones on a mobile phone, you're going to be limited with the number of options that you have.

It's all about line of sight. Keep that in mind when you're using any Bluetooth device line of sight. The same applies if you're using a Bluetooth device with your computer and for those people that use your headphones or headsets or other devices for work purposes, this is going to be important. The same concept applies.

If I take this headphones and connect it over to my laptop. So I've got a laptop back here. And these headphones come with an additional accessory. This is a Bluetooth dongle. And if you've seen any of our previous podcasts, we talk about this. You really want to take advantage of this, but it's also got the same problem.

So if I take this, this should improve the audio I am gonna. Go back here and plug it in, improving the location of that dongle. So if you're a computer user and you want to use your headphones or your speaker phones that are Bluetooth, what you want to do with that same dongle is use it with what we call a Bluetooth range, extender.

It's our Blue Beacon device. This will help you get further in terms of range. Let me show you what it does. If you use the analogy of a cell phone tower, what you'll find is cell phone towers tend to be up on a hill or somewhere where the signal can broadcast down into a valley or into the. And that's because the signal is much stronger coming down and it will get better line of sight.

So now I'm going to do the same with this computer. Like many of you that work, you may have your computer your tower that sits down below. You're not going to really get a good signal down there either. So this way you can get up, walk around. I would put it here. So now I can be on this side of the monitor that I'm talking on, as well as the other side, if I want to walk away and I will still maintain the connection.

I could tell you from my own personal experience, the last month using this Blue Beacon range extender, I can now go to my kitchen with my Bluetooth device. Whereas before if I walked into the kitchen, the signal dropped. So this is one way for you to get better cleaner, improved signal, no matter what Bluetooth device you're on.

As long as that device has a dongle. Now, if it came in the box, you're all set. Use that dongle, put it in. You're good to go. What you'll find is most of the major manufacturers that make Bluetooth devices like headphones, headsets, speakerphones, keyboards, and . Mouse, like these that are on the screen.

All of these manufacturers make a dongle so that you can use those devices with a computer. So if your issue has been using a computer with any of these devices, this dongle is your key. Along with the blue beacon, it'll get you the range that you're looking for so that you can move about your home office environment or inside of your work office.

You have a question regarding Bluetooth Or anything related to headsets, telephones, speaker, phones, or other hands-free devices, send us a comment. We may feature it on a future episode of Answer The Community. In the meantime, look, through our YouTube channel, where we have videos that are helpful and that can guide you on your journey and don't forget to hit like, and subscribe and hit that bell notification.

So, you know, when we released a new episode, as well as nuggets that we release throughout

the week.

Thanks again for joining us and I'll see you the next time on Answer The Community.



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