Work From Home Technologies - Bluetooth, Speaker Phones, Headsets Which One is Best for Remote Working

How to pick the right devices (headset, speakerphones) for remote working

🎧 🎧 Work From Home - Remote Working - Hands-Free Devices - Speaker Phones, Headsets, Bluetooth and other considerations before making your purchase. In our very first livestream we talk about the Work From Home environment, wireless technologies, the differences between DECT and Bluetooth, and quite a bit more as we engage with our customers in real time.

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00:00 Stream Start

04:17 Intro

06:07 Work from Home - What's it like today?

11:11 Wireless - DECT vs Bluetooth

15:41 Quick Tip - Extend your Bluetooth range

16:47 How to determine what product is right for you?

20:21 The Jabra Evolve 75 29:00 The Sennheiser SD Pro Series

35:08 The EPOS Speakerphone

45:01 More About Global Teck Worldwide

47:13 Closing Remarks


If you're watching this after we went live, check out the products we featured down here:

🛒 Jabra Evolve 75: EPOS SP20:

🛒 EPOS SP30:

🛒 SDPRo1 SDPRo2: -

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