Setting up a Jaba Wireless on a Toshiba 5032-SD phone using the EHS Link-20 Adapter

How to setup the Link 20 EHS adapter on a Toshiba DP5032 phone?

Items Required

  1. Jabra Wireless Headset
  2. Jabra Link 20 EHS Adapter
  3. Jabra Link 2.5mm Purple Cable (included with Link 20)
  4. Jabra Aux Cable (included with Link 20)


1. Plug Black RJ-9 cable into the Headset jack on the Toshiba Phone

2. Plug power cable into Jabra Wireless

3. Compatibity setting on Base Station set to G (seems to work better on some Toshiba phones)

4. Put Headset into "RHL" mode.  (Press +/- at the same time > Press the black button on headset> Go to Remote Call control > Press + until you hear "gn-rhl-none" >Press +/- and then release buttons > You will hear "good bye"

5. Connect Purple EHS cable with 2.5mm connector to Link 20 and mount ringtone detector to the "Bottom of Speakerphone" -close to the cradle but not on the cradle. (near darker part) on Toshiba phones.

6. Now you can connect the Connect Red Aux cable from Link 20 to Aux port on Jabra Base station. (This must be the last step!!)

7. Do NOT plug handset into Base Station

8. To answer/disconnect Push the Multi-Function button on the Jabra wireless headset and you should hear ringtone.

9. Note: If the transmit side is too low increase the transmit on the base station 


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