Leave the handset off the hook to use the headset

Do I leave the handset off the hook to answer calls?

This will depend on your phone and NOT the headset.  To answer without the need to put the handset off-hook, your phone typically needs to have the following:

1.  Headset jack

2.  Handsfree or Headset button

3.  Off-Hook Dialing feature

If your phone does not have any of the above you will need to lift the handset and put it off-hook to answer the phone AND use the headset.

Note: If you do not have any of the above but still wish to use a headset without picking up the receiver with every call you can purchase a wireless headset.

A wireless that is purchased with a "remote lifter" simplifies your calling experience. See video below for details on using the wireless headset and remote lifter.

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